Nuggets Land Mudiay; Edge Group Schedule Week of June 29

Monday at 4 
Tuesday at 4
Wednesday at 4
Thursday at 4flag
No group Friday or Saturday. Happy 4th.


I have two camps coming up in July: YOUNG KIDS CAMP which runs the week of July 6th for 2nd-4th graders which goes 10-12 at Falcon Bluffs Middle School(site of June camps). Camp is co-ed.
Also Pre-Tryout camp which runs the week of July 27th from 10-12 at Falcon Bluffs which is open to ALL ages boys and girls.
If kids come to either camp they can come to group for FREE in July. Cost is $125 for TEN amazing hours of ball wisdom.
Young Kids camp is for the young baller who wants to get a solid foundation in basketball from a master teacher.
Pre-Tryout camp is for EVERYONE who wants to get a massive jump on their competition and prepare for the cauldron that is TRYOUTS.
Edge kids routinely scorch the earth at tryouts laying waste to the poor souls who haven’t been in my gym.
Wanna impress? Wanna dominate? Wanna turns heads? Wanna make stop typing ‘wanna’? Then get thee to my CAMPS!


You know what is better than shooting off fireworks on the 4th of July? Getting some private training and becoming a firecracker yo’ self.
I have five and ten session packages and a BUDDY SYSTEM as well. Let the sparks fly when the rubber meets the road, my friends. 
Here is a picture of my newest Edge kid who I’m doing individual Edge training with: Jackson Ross, an incoming 7th grader down Parker way. Jackson loves the game and brings speed and quickness to the table.
6.28 little boy


I would like to start two sessions of PGU this week. I need three kids for my 5th-6th grade group and three for my 7th-8th grade group. PGU consists of five one hour sessions learning vital point guard/basketball skills. I take SIX kids per session.
Several families expressed interest in the last few weeks but I did not have enough for a complete group. Contact me with your player’s availability and I will try to put two groups together.
Karissa dribbling (800x533)
I can go in several different directions vis a vis time slots. We can go five straight days, three days one week and two the next, once a week for five weeks etc.
I believe the best way to do it is in a one or two week time frame but will work out whatever makes sense for the six families involved. A shorter time frame delivers a fresh, immersive take.
PGU is critical for any serious player who has designs to play in high school.
PGU is also open to any player who did it in the spring. Doing PGU multiple times will only enhance your skills and knowledge.


Check this picture out: it’s three highly skilled Edge kids who play for EJ Hoops. Karissa Lukasiewicz, Kali March, and Kam Brown. Kali and Kam play for the 7th grade team and they won a big tournament in Portland this weekend while Karissa’s 6th grade team lost in the finals.

6.28 edge girls

Karissa, Kam and Raegan Beers, all Edge kids, made the All-Tournament teams for their age group. Still another Edge girl, Jennica Lloyd plays with Karissa.
Congrats to all of them! Put the work in and you’ll have success.
Good story: I ran into a boy, Adam Fricke (pictured) at the Ridge last week. I worked with Adam last spring as an 8th grader. He had played Silver Crown the previous winter for Dakota Ridge. Not only did he make the Freshman team this year at Dakota, he started on the team and even swung a little JV. That is quite an accomplishment that Adam engineered. And there he was, in late June, at noon, coming to the gym to work on his game by himself. You go, boy.
6.28 UNC

Welcome back the Sweeney boys, Kyle and Brett. They are the latest brothers in the Sweeney basketball family. Older bros Derek(9th) and Mitch(11th) matriculate at Arapahoe. The young guns are loaded for bear and are on the fast track for supremacy in that fam (no mean feat if they can pull it off.) Kyle and Brett have got the goods.

Peace, love, and soul, 



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