The Edge Workouts Week of 2-1

Monday at 5
Tuesday at 5
Wednesday at 5
Thurs at 4
Friday at 5
Saturday at 12 preceded by shooting clinic at 10:30


I had a nice turnout on Saturday for shooting clinic welcoming six kids in pursuit of perfection. Left to right are Rio Teuber, Emily Doolittle, Amanda Archuletta, Jordan Jones, Natalie Bremmer, and Marquis Jones. 
1.31 Pic

All the kids had issues of one sort or another and were addressed in fine fashion. I think it was the great egalitarian Marie Antoinette who said: “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too”. I beg to differ. You CAN have your shot and make it, too. Look it up.
In point of fact kids who can make shots play and kids who can’t ride pine. Take it from someone who knows: splinters are not that easy to remove. I took to wearing protective casing when I was in a shooting slump.
Come down on Saturday and get your shot on. We go from 10:30-12 at Collegiate Academy.


My phone has been ringing off the hook and my email is blowing up. The word is getting around about my FREE skills clinics. After sampling the tool shed of moves I display in my clinics you can kiss the wood shed adios. Basketball paradise awaits, homies.

Hit me up and bring me to your gym. 


With all the clinics I have been doing I want to take a moment to fill in the new families about Edge basketball.
I do skills sessions every day but Sunday where we work on ball-handling, shot creation and shooting. We go 1v1, 3v3 with full court scrimmaging mixed in. All the while I am teaching moves or the fine points of the game.
The competition is sharp and all the kids have a good time learning about this great game. 
Cost for drop-in in $25 for the hour and a half session. You can do a monthly deal whereas it’s $140 for 30 days of basketball. Whatever day during the month you sign up you get a full thirty days of basketball. I have sibling discounts, so a second kid in the family is $90.
I do private training as well with five and ten session packages.
Come check out my program. 




My 13th year of Edge summer camps starts the week of June 6th. There is a morning session that goes 9-11:30 and a separate afternoon session which runs from 12-2:30. I repeat the sessions the following week–June 13th. All ages are welcome to this camp.
I will have a Young Kids camp the week of July 11th from 10-12 and a Pre-tryout camp the week of July 25th.
The camps will be at Summit Ridge Middle School. Cost for the camps is $100 per session.
I will have great coaches to help me as I do every year. 
Start planning your summer!

Peace, love, and soul,



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