Manning Bleeds Many Hearts in San Francisco-Edge wk of 10-20

Monday at 5
Tuesday at 5
Wednesday at 5
Thurs at 4 at DEER CREEK CHURCH which is located at the corner of Chatfield and Pierce
Saturday at 12 preceded by shooting clinic at 10:30.

Please NOTE the Thursday and Friday locations.


10.19 Edge

The Edge girls competitive team made up of four 6th graders and four 7th graders won their first two games of their new fall league in Greeley on Saturday afternoon and then topped the day of when four of the Edge girls went down to Gold Crown Saturday night and won the 8th grade 3v3 final.

10.19 3 v3

Since Labor Day the girls are 23-6 playing against 8th grade competition. Hats off to Karissa Lukasiewicz, Emily Doolittle, Sophie Hadad, G Gudino, Bailey Maynes, Abbie Gillach, Kela Reichwein, and Morgann Kingsford.

Here is what makes these girls special: they play super hard and they use the moves and skills they learn in my gym. Does your coach encourage creativity? Do you feel comfortable trying out new skills in games? I hope so because only when you fail can figure what works and what you are capable of. 

One young kid who exemplifies that courageous spirit is Brody Rardin, a precocious 4th grader who is one of the most skilled young kids I have ever work with. This kid is pure magic with the ball.



There’s a lot of shooters out there but how many makers? My brother came to watch my Edge girls this weekend and said they were the best free throw shooting team he’s seen at that age. He said they shot better than a lot of men’s college teams.

I put a premium on shooting the ball on my team and I do at group as well. Come to clinic on Saturday and let me get you on the accurate and righteous road.


Some mad skills on display every day at group. The Kobe, stepbacks, Jamie with a high dribble, floaters, Eurosteps. Yeah, it’s all out there, every day to learn and slowly master.

Cost of group for 26 sessions in a month is only $140. Your clock starts the day of the month you start. PayPal is available. If you want to drop in it’s 25 smackeroos.

If you are playing this game, don’t you want to be excellent? Here’s how.

Peace, love, and soul, 



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