Edge Week of September 14

Monday at 5 
Tuesday at 5 
Wednesday at 5 
Thurs at 4

Friday at 5
Sat at 12 preceded by Shooting Clinic at 10:30

Private Training

I have started a waiting list for private training. Mid-October is the earliest I can take a new kid. Contact me now and this is what you will get: 1v1 instruction from a master teacher who has put in about 13,000 hours in basketball training in the last eleven years which qualifies me in the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hours club.

For the uninitiated, Gladwell makes the argument, in his book The Outliers, that it takes a person 10,000 hours of intensive training and experience to master a skill or subject. To my eternal gratitude I am in good company. Gladwell lists the Beatles and Bill Gates as members of the exclusive club.

Here is where I fit in: I LOVE the EARLY BEATLES(is there a better song ever that illustrates the sadness of lost love than THAT BOY)?

On the other hand, I sadly own no Microsoft stock. If I had got in early on Microsoft, maybe I COULD have bought the Clippers!

Point being and point taken, get with the 13,000 hours guy!

Group Training

I have to tell you: Friday and Saturday in my gym last week were workouts for the ages. There was so much skill exhibited and demonstrated that I was tempted to call Guinness Book of world records to get in in their archives. I did call 911 but they refused to douse the flame of creativity, on moral grounds.

We was getting AFTER it. You name it, the kids were doing it. They threw caution to the winds and LET IT ALL HANG OUT.

I have to give a shout out to the STAR of Saturday’s workout–Marco Busnardo. Despite being of the Irish persuasion, this kid can PLAY. Private joke.

Maybe it was having his brother, Matteo, on his team, but this proud kid from Notre Dame was passing like Chris Paul and draining treys like Kyle Korver. There warn’t nothin’ he wasn’t doin’ on Saturday.

Another kid I have to single out is Bronwyn Brody. This young girl is coming on, slowing but surely, like the ocean’s tide. She is actually the second Bronwyn I have known.

Come be a part of a basketball revolution. We don’t stand on ceremony or take prisoners. At my gym it’s about empowerment and achievement.

2 Kids Who Want to get Better

Savvy parents take note! Here is Dylan Dallas, a 6th grader who just finished Edge private sessions. Dylan has got a mean scoop layup and went from Neanderthal to Neal Armstrong on his shooting form.

9.14 9.14.













 Take a look at Coop the Loop Shreves who was turning his hand UP and OVER the ball when he dribbled when he started and now he is POUNDING the ball like it is going out of style.

Both boys, 6th graders, have improved enormously in just a few sessions.  

Peace, love, and soul, 



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