Broncos Pillage the Viks! WORKOUTS WEEK OF 10-5

Monday at 5
Tuesday at 5
Wednesday at 5
Thurs at 4
Friday at 5 
Saturday at 12 preceded by SHOOTING CLINIC at 10:30


We welcomed a new kid to group last week: Joel Dominic, a 7th grader, from the Dakota Ridge program. Joel’s got some skills and learned him some new ones last week.

10.4 pic

On Saturday we worked on a series of dead ball moves(moves to use before you dribble). We’ll review them in the upcoming week. Great way to set your man up and then explode by them with a quick dribble.
For the new folks out there you can get a month of group (30 full days) for $140 and you can attend as much as you can. Siblings are a mere $90. For instance, if you sign up October 5th you get group until November 5th.
October and November are crucial months to prepare for tryouts or the winter season.
The Edge is all about skills with the ball: dribble moves, shooting, spacing, penetration, beating your man, passing on time and straight up competing. My goal for every player is for them to just get a little better each day.
There’s only one way to get good: work on your game. Collegiate is ground zero


I need three kids to round out my 7th-8th grade point guard camp. Cost is $200 for five one hour sessions. If you have attended PGU in the past your fee is $125.
This is a program you SHOULD NOT pass up. You will find a new, much higher level in your game in these five sessions. I will teach you HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL! If you want to transform your game real quick, join our group. 
Players will not learn what I will teach anywhere else. Get with me. I would like to start next week.


We had a tremendous shooting clinic on Saturday. After instruction the kids must have got up a couple of hundred shots. I am wide open this Saturday so get with me. Every pro team has shooting coaches. Don’t you think a junior high kid could use some help? I do. They don’t call me Sir-Fix-a-Shot for nothing.
Parents make the shooter. How? By rebounding tirelessly and reinforcing what I teach at clinic.


Give me an hour and a half with your team. I can get you a few more buckets a game. Most games are won or lost by a few points. Let me help you get some marks on the left side of the ledger.
When your pipes break you call a plumber. When your shot is broke, call in an expert: yours truly.

Peace, love, and soul, 



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