Edge Week of August 24

Monday at 5
Tuesday at 5
Wednesday at 5
Thursday at 4
Friday at 5
Saturday at 12 preceded by SHOOTING CLINIC at 10:30

Shooting Clinic

Being able to make baskets is the MOST IMPORTANT attribute a player can bring to a team. There are a lot of shooters out there but very few makers.

It doesn’t come easy; making baskets. There is a small lifetime of practice and repetition concomitant to reach the point to where you are a good, relied-on shooter.

Here is the rub: if you are not shooting the RIGHT way, you are just beating your proverbial head against the proverbial wall.

How can you learn and master this most important of the basketball skills? The Edge shooting clinic which I hold every Saturday morning from 10:30-12.

I am starting to see glimpses of competent shooting at group during the week. These glimpses come from kids who have attended my shooting clinic. Mind you, I am not seeing it from all the kids who have come to shooting clinic (far from it) but from the few who have been practicing on their own, putting the extra, necessary time into improving their shot. In other words, the kids who take the process seriously with some major help from their rebounding parents can expect to prosper.

Folks, this isn’t rocket surgery. If you learn the correct, proper form shooting the ball and PRACTICE LIKE MANIACS, your brain science and muscle memory will take over and you, too, can reach the promised land!

I watch players from 2nd grade into college and ALL these players could use my eye and some careful, professional instruction. The only players who don’t need me very much are connecting on 40% 3’s, 50% twos and 90% from the line. So Steve Nash, Larry Bird and Kevin Durant will not be attending shooting clinic this Saturday.

All others, feel free to reserve your slot.

Group, Private, and Semi-Private Training

I have a program for everyone. I run daily group sessions, conduct master classes with individual players and offer a ‘buddy’ system where I take two kids into private training.

Clinics are available for progressive thinking teams, and of course, I do shooting clinic every Saturday.

My group sessions are thriving with a host of skilled kids, sprinkled with some newbies carrying EACH day at my gym to new and more scintillating heights.

My oh my (m.o.m.), it is something to see a kid try something one week and master it the next.

Kids beaming with smiles of satisfaction and accomplishment? We got some here.

Sign up and get better fast!

Weekend Adventures

We spent the weekend in the Flat Top Wilderness area with family, at a Memorial Weekend for Heather’s Dad. It was a completely perfect weekend in every way.

Meadow Trappers

Yes, there were even some wildlife encounters.















Peace, love, and soul, 



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