Steph Curry is my Godson Edge Workouts Week of 5/25

Tuesday at 5
Wednesday at 5
Thursday at 4
Friday at 5
Saturday at 12 preceded by shooting clinic at 10:30
Happy Memorial Day!


Two weeks from tomorrow our 12th annual Edge Summer Camp begins. I have room in all four sessions for basketball campers.


Jodis Race

It is that time of year that I blow the dust from my running shoes, get out my check book, and prepare for a festive, fun, and so worthwhile Saturday morning in our own City Park. Yes, there will be no shooting clinic or group on Saturday, June 6th, but if you want to hang out with me anyway come on down to City Park. Heather has worked with the race committee for four years now and it is such an inspiring event. Jodi was an active, athletic, Chatfield community neighbor and Mother that was blindsided by her ovarian cancer diagnosis at the young age of 43. With a determined spirit she put together the very first Jodi’s Race in 2009 with the intention to bring awareness to the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, so that other women were not hit with an out of the blue diagnosis. And Jodi’s Race has been growing ever since.

The race begins at 8:30 am and of course depending on how quickly you run….well let’s just say I’ll be eating my breakfast burrito by 9:30.  We would love to have you join our team:

Jodi’s Race Registration

Please choose “Corporate Teams” and then choose “Good Ol’-Fashioned Party” from the drop down list.

Or you can just sleep in, relax and donate right here

Donate Here

Thanks for listening.



Friends, Romans, Countrymen: lend me your ears. I promise to return them, dewaxed.

In a little more than TWO months, the 12th ANNUAL EDGE SUMMER CAMP commences. It is time for some BASKETBALL IMMERSION, my fine-feathered friends!

Whether you sign up for one, two, three or four sessions, you will get the BEST basketball skill instruction available.

Here is what you GET at Edge Camp:
1) An assortment of moves that you can directly apply to your games is there for the taking
2) Drills that will increase your competence on handling pressure are a mainstay
3) A plethora, nay, a cornucopia of scrimmaging and 1v1 that are guaranteed to further your offensive production
4) Shooting every day–practice makes perfect and with the area’s best shooting coach (me) to assist you, odds are you will become a potent threat to MAKE BUCKETS!
5) The BEST COACHING-TRAINING staff bar none in the Rocky Mountain region. All my coaches have been through the Edge training and are possessed of infinite wisdom along with infinite patience.
6) You will emerge, after 12-50 hours of basketball a BETTER PLAYER and I hope a BETTER HUMAN BEING.
7) Last, but certainly not least, you will have fun. More fun, in fact, than a barrel of monkeys after a gallon of Mountain Dew. Whew!

Slots are filling up. There has been a tsunami of registrations the last week. Assure your preferred spot NOW!

I have sibling discounts so the whole fam can partake from the little critters to the heirs to the fortune. Get the word out to friends, teammates and neighbors. Do them a solid and I am sure you will get one in return.

Edge Camp number twelve: where the rubber meets the road and where the baller meets his/her destiny.

2015 Registration Form

Peace, love, and soul, 



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