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Starts tomorrow at 10am SHARP. Sharpen your basketball skills in the best environment imaginable. We go 10-12 every day next week at Falcon Bluffs Middle School. Cost is $125 for the camp and for an extra $50 you can get GROUP for a month as well. Drop-ins are welcome for $25. I will have group in the afternoon ALL week during camp.
Tryouts are looming. Preparation makes you impervious to pressure. Revel in the pressure after honing your game at camp this week. We will play a LOT and work on moves that will help you score the ball.
If you put the time in on your game when others are not you will be way ahead of the crowd. The surest way to distinguish yourself from your competition is by obtaining SKILLS. Learn them at my gym and execute them in a game situation with confidence and brio.
I have plenty of room in camp for the serious baller. It’s your choice: do you want to make the team or not?


I got a call from one of my favorite young men the other day, Aaron Beckman. Aaron is entering his sophomore year at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. He is playing on the football team there after adding about 30 pounds since high school. St. Thomas is a D-3 school so there are no athletic scholarships available consequently, Aaron, like many of us, is working his way through school. He has one job already and just took on a second one, selling cutlery for Cutco and he contacted me about coming out and giving us a demo.

7.26 AARon (2)

Heather and I bought some knives last summer from another Edge graduate, Matt Aratani. We LOVE the knives, use them every day. I told Aaron he could come out but we were set with knives. He came out and what do you know: he sold us three more items.
I told Aaron I would alert everyone on my mailing list about our beneficial experience with Cutco and put in a good word for him. If you are in the market for some new kitchen cutlery(they sell all sorts of other stuff-hunting and fishing knives etc) check out what Aaron and Cutco has to offer. It really is a great product. There is no pressure to buy and Aaron gets compensated just by giving a demo. 
Aaron’s info: 303-720-1986 or


To the Boulder Rockies U17 team. They just won the Jr. Nationals in Washington DC. This is a BIG-TIME tournament with teams from all over the country. Kelly’s Hoopster team went every year and it is crawling with college coaches. It is rare that a Colorado team wins a huge tournament, so big ups to the Rockies girls.
Two of the eight kids on the Rockies have spent time in my gym: Brenna Chase(state champion at Broomfield)and Mackenzie Forrest(Mac worked my camp in June and attends Lakewood). They are the two best guards in the state. Both will receive multiple D-1 offers.
7.28 Mackenzie






Want to be a great distributor of the basketball and learn how to ANTICIPATE making the right pass? Is it important to acquire court vision and deliver the ball on time to a shooter? 
Who are the most valuable players in any given game? The ones who can orchestrate a game and lead a time to play winning basketball via their decision-making during a game.
Learn to do all this and much more at PGU. All the kids who have been through my program have benefited enormously.
I have slots for 5th-6th graders, 7th and 8th and high school kids as well. Here are some future point guards.
7.26 Chey and girls













Peace, love, and soul, 



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