Edge Week of August 17

Monday at 5
Tuesday at 5
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Thursday at 4


Buddy System

I started the Brown sisters, Kam and Kennede last week in my buddy system. In the buddy system I take two kids, and over the course of five or ten sessions, teach them diverse ways to score the ball.




If you can’t score the basketball you as well be playing soccer, lot of running around chasing the ball. I’ve always believed that someone’s going to score so it might as well be you.

I can take a couple of more kids right now. Get with the program and see what it feels like to be a star.








Kids keep stepping up and stepping forward in group. Ryan Chilson had a great week as did Cayden Lloyd who drained a couple of game winners.

The best part of my job is to bear witness to every kid’s improvement. When someone begins to enjoy some success it only makes them more focused to continue to work at their game. Good moves are repeatable. Everything I teach in group is designed with one idea in mind: to transfer what is learned at Collegiate to a game situation.

Experiment and attempt all sorts of stuff at group, fail a hundred times so you can succeed when the lights are on and the clock is running.

And, hey, you’ll fail in games as well but don’t let that stop you from trying something great. Failure can provide a powerful teaching element in any endeavor.

Weekend Adventures

Kelly and Jed had their housewarming party at their new place in RiNo. Beautiful…


And Heather, Cheyenne and I took the light rail to the beautiful Union Station and B-cycled down to Cherry Creek where we stopped for lunch at Bad Daddy’s, maybe the best burger in town. Try the burger with jalapeno bacon.

Light rail big daddys










Heather and I are huge B-cycle fans. There is no better way to experience the beautiful neighborhoods and lovely streets of Denver.

waterfountain union station











Peace, love, and soul, 



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