Edge Workouts Week of November 24

Monday at 5
Tuesday at 5
Wednesday at 5
FRIDAY at 11am
Saturday at 12 preceded by SHOOTING CLINIC at 10:30

Note the Friday time at 11am.


To Emily Doolittle of the Edge competitive team. Emily went for 18 points (including 4’s3 and a nifty reverse layup) and nine rebounds on Saturday against an 8th grade team from Loveland. She came to shooting clinic Saturday morning and that night she was the truth. Her stepback is getting raves up north.

It’s good to have Roger Rosengarten back at group. RR is a 5’11” bruiser with pretty dang good skills for a tall 7th grader. He immediately makes group more competitive.
Football is over so I expect those mighty men back in my gym.

I am open for basketball business all week with the exception of Thanksgiving. My daughter Kelly and her husband, Jed, will be hosting the Thanksgiving feast at their new RiNo loft.

Shooting clinic is Saturday at 10:30. I am wide open. Secure your spot and crash into December and it’s holiday tournaments in fine shooting fettle.


Wanted to share with you a really unique gift idea for Christmas. If you are in the market for jewelry, or if you don’t know what to get, check Little Bridget Jewelry. Karen is a friend of Heather’s and they had a showing at our house last week. She makes all of her own pieces and it is all really beautiful and unique. Check it out.

Emedhoopblue_large AutumnMan_feature_large


Peace, love, and soul, 



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