Edge Workouts Week of 11-16

Monday at 5
Tuesday at 5
Wednesday at 5
Thurs at 4
Friday at 5
Saturday at 12 preceded by Shooting Clinic at 10:30


Forget speedboats, a mountain chalet, or a trip to Monte Carlo. The best Christmas present you can give to your budding baller is some individual basketball training.
Sign up for five or ten sessions and get an introduction to the rarefied air of shot creating and shot making. Bball season is in full swing. Is it important to be more skilled than the next kid? I think that goes without saying (then why say it?)
The fact of the matter is without a certain level of expertise in the areas of ball-handling and shooting you’ll flounder around like a beached flounder in Flanders.
That being said, I can take a couple of kids this month who want a springboard to stardom.


Pictured are Emily and Brian Doolittle. Then came by the gym on Saturday morning to get some shots up. Brian invested in a little counter to track Em’s makes and misses. She took 400 shots from all over the court and netted 296 of them! That’s some pretty powerful results.


11.15 em






I have contended for many years that parents make the shooter. How? By rebounding for them. By being in their corner. By acting as their biggest fan and positive re-enforcer. You know, it’s amazing what great conversations you can have with your son or daughter when it’s just you and him/her. It goes way beyond basketball. I wouldn’t trade my time with my daughter in those shooting sessions we had for all the tea in China.
Brian, I envy you. It goes way too fast. 



This is a big, memorable week for a few lucky kids out there. This is college signing week. I had the good fortune to attend a signing ceremony on Wednesday at Lakewood High School. It was there that MacKenzie Forrest signed her letter of intent to attend Regis University.










Some of you know Mac from my camp this summer. She was a great coach for me and the kids, showing patience and a flair for teaching. Mac started in my gym in about 6th grade I think and I knew right off she had that special something to excel at the highest levels. Her Lakewood team should challenge for a state championship in March. Mac is on schedule to become the leading scorer in school history. No one deserves the honor of a scholarship more than Mac. I’ll be out there cheering you on this winter. Congrats!
Two young men who were in my gym a lot in 7th and 8th grade got full rides this week, both from Thunderridge HS. Austin Mueller is going to Wyoming and Clay Verk signed with Stetson. 
Brenna Chase from Broomfield will matriculate at BYU next year. I have followed everyone’s career and am super proud of their accomplishments. If I missed anyone who signed this week let me know and I will acknowledge them as well. 
There are a few kids in my gym right now who have the potential to play in college. It is a benefit only afforded to a tiny minority of players. What you have to do to get there is what all the kids above did: never stop working on your game and never stop getting better. It’s crazy competitive out there.

Peace, love, and soul,



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