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Edge Training Kicks Up Again on June 27th…Edge Workout Week of 6-19


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Edge Workouts Week of June 27th

High School Skills
Tuesday the 27th at 3
Thursday the 29th at 3
Regular Group
Tuesday at 4
Wednesday at 4
Thursday at 4
Friday at 4
Until the kids go back to school in August, high school training will be from 3-4 Monday, Tuesday and Thurs and Group will be at 4pm, M-F with the exception of the week of June 27th when we go Tues-Friday.


I am out of town until June 27th when we kick thing up again. I would like to thank all the kids who came to camp and encourage them to continue building their skills at group which I run year-round at Collegiate Academy.
I urge the high school kids to get in my gym to prepare for their fall and winter seasons.


 The 14th annual Edge Camp was a resounding success!! Here are some pics.

Big group.

Here is Abbie Gillachm rising freshman, who beat the coaches in a three point shooting contest.


Here is Ryker Thomas, third from left, rising 5th grader, who beat THREE coaches.

Here is Paige Wright, rising 5th grader, after stomping the coaches not once but twice.

Here is my Edge team, after playing a full game with five kids, and losing by two to a team from Cheyenne a year older in the Jam Tournament this weekend.

Speaking of Cheyenne, second from the right, she also beat the coaches in shooting on Friday. She is a rising 4th grader and played her guts out today against kids two-four years older!
I want to thank all my wonderful coaches for helping me at camp: Kordell Sipple, Dan Beckman, Matteo Busnardo, Savanah Hapke, Max Hansen, and Emily Doolittle. Great job guys!


We will kick up high school skills again on June 28th and run until tryouts in November. The refrain I kept hearing all spring from kids who made the commitment: “My skills have gotten SO much better.”

Take advantage of this opportunity to get better. If you don’t you can bet your sweet bippy that your competition will. High school group goes 3-4 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until school starts then goes to 4pm.



My Saturday shooting clinics are on hiatus until mid-August but I will be doing TWO three hour shooting clinics in July during the day at Summit Ridge. Cost is $75 per clinic and you will get rigorous instruction, full video feedback and hundreds of shots.
Dates will follow. This is a don’t-miss clinic. It will change you shooting life.

ARE YOU IN A FIX??15137546_1845314292422410_4288795671431549533_o

Everyone could use a Handyman  right?  Well, I’ve got just the solution for you for those projects that you’ve been putting off all year.  Now it’s time to start the New Year off with some things checked off of your to-do list. My stepson John Huber, Cheyenne’s Dad is just launching his Handyman business—FIXED.  I mean truthfully, he has been doing this for 10 years, but has finally made the leap to actually brand and market his incredible services.  John can tackle any project no matter how big or small and provides professionalism, customer service and state of the art work. Here is a list of some of the work he does:
  • Demolition
  • Framing
  • General Carpentry
  • Lighting
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Window Covering Installation
  • Floor Covering Installation
  • Landscaping-including pond creation & repair
  • Tree and stump removal
Just to mention a few….
Here is a link to his facebook page.
 I have his business cards with me, so hit me up at Group, or contact me directly and I’ll put you in touch with John.  He is currently doing a complete remodel of a rental property and it is amazing. My house would be in shambles without John.
Here is a picture of the pond he built.













people-final-choice (2)


moconnel bio pic

I just dropped my first novel PEOPLES CHOICE which you can find on Amazon. It is a comic mystery set in the fictional town of Peoples Arizona. PC has a baffling whodunit; big, laugh out loud laughs, barmy, eccentric characters and an intrepid, albeit reluctant and somewhat out of his depth hero, Jud Barber, a callow highway patrolman whose life gets real complicated in his sleepy burg.
Warning: it is not for kids. It contains adult themes and colorful language.
If you are a reader who enjoys a compelling, breathless yarn or just wants to get some insight into what makes Mike tick (good luck with that), treat yourself to a copy of PEOPLES CHOICE and you will not regret it. 
If you think Mike (I’ve found myself referring to myself in the third person lately–I don’t consider myself a big deal–not yet anyway) is pretty funny in his newsletters and demonstrates playful, side-splitting banter in the gym, you are in for a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL of wit and keen insight in Mike’s debut novel (FULL DISCLOSURE I have penned twenty-five screenplays–I am hardly a neophyte). Mike can turn a peerless phrase at the drop of a hat not that I’ve dropped any lately, hats not phrases. The phrases flow like the Amazon River.
Enough badinage: hark to Amazon (the wholesaler not the river) and one click will change your outlook on life. Mike needs your affirmation to say nothing of your $4.99.

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