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THE EDGE… providing lots of ways to improve your game:


Hour-long sessions, 3 days a week 4:00-5:00 pm Collegiate Academyws-high-school5

Starting March 6, 2017  and continuing through November 1 The Edge will offer High School only skills training three days a week–Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 4-5 at Collegiate Academy.  The sessions are coed and designed for the high school player. At every session the first 30 minutes are devoted to skill building and the last half hour to scrimmaging. 

Hone your skills in the off-season to maximize your club and high school basketball experience.  There will be 12-14 sessions offered per month and your month starts the day you join. For instance, if you start on March 6th you go until April 6th.










$100 a month, or $25 a session
Per Session


One on One, hour long sessions

During the course of the sessions I will teach the player dozens of ways to create a shot and to beat a defender. The key to becoming a good player, the most important attribute, is skill with the ball. If a player can handle the ball with confidence under pressure, he/she will get playing time. Confidence with the ball takes time and my method and teaching fosters the development of the player.


5.8 Bradon 

  $1,000 for 10 sessions

Buddy System

2  players at a time for hour long sessions       BROTHERS

5 or 10 one hour sessions covering all the skills acquired in the individual sessions divided by the number of players. Can take up to 3 players  in the Buddy System ($333 each).  

buddy system

partnerArapahoe boys

$500 each player for 10 sessions

Group Sessions

When—6 Days a Week, Monday thru Saturday
Where—Collegiate Academy
group jan

During the time of individual sessions the player will be included in group sessions. Group sessions include anywhere from 15 to 30 players. It is during group sessions that the major development takes place. During these sessions the player is pitted against other players who have been through the program and they are compelled to display the skills they are learning or have learned.

Basketball is a game of repetition. You must practice skills over and over before you are competent and confident enough to transfer them into a game situation. There are no shortcuts in becoming a good player. It takes years of intense effort and dedication. During the group sessions everything is set up to test one player against another. Part of the session is review of what was learned in individuals. Most of it is devoted to playing, half-court, full-court, 1 v 1, 1 v 2, 2 v 3. This is where you learn how to make decisions on the fly, on the run; when someone is in your face. When to shoot, when to pass—that is the ultimate and defining measure of a player.

Drop In = $25 per 1.5 hour session
Monthly = $140 as many sessions as you can attend
Anyone from 4th grade to 12th grade is welcome. There will be a match for you.
y$140 each player for one monthu.

$230 2 players Sibling Discount

PGU—Point Guard University

Increase your basketball IQ exponentially with PGU. This program is for ALL sizes. There are no positions in basketball. At PGU you will learn the nuances of the game from the point guard position. Everything I teach here will help you understand the game better and you’ll be able to employ each skill in fluid game situations.

Karissa dribbling

In the curriculum: screen/roll, pick and kick, skip passes, lob passes, entry passes, bounce passes, screen away, slip screen, proper spacing, keeping dribble alive, splitting two defenders, duck shoulder, dribble hand-off, reading eyes on defense, penetrate and dish, duck-in steal, overplaying strong hand, weak hand passing, timing the crossover, deflection techniques, shooting off screen, no look pass, dribbling with head up, advancing ball on fast break, anticipatory passes, backdoor,Swim move,  basket cuts, give and go, 2v1, 3v2, secondary break, defending your position, the art of the double team, ball denial, scoring options with a variety of moves, shot fake slide into shot (Klay Thompson-Steph Curry).

IMG_1421             Mullen 3 (2)

PGU is open to players 4th-12th grades. It is coed. Players will be divided by age and separated by no more than two grades. Five one hour sessions, once a week. Starting times are 4pm during week and 9:30 on Saturday at Collegiate Academy.

IMG_1413(1)                       ks

5 One Hour Sessions = $200

5 One Hour Sessions + 5 weeks of group = $250

 Emily dribbling

Individual Shooting ClinicNBA: Denver Nuggets at Orlando Magic

One on one, hour long sessions

Learn the fundamentals of shooting with the emphasis on proper mechanics: feet, legs, shoulders, release point, steps, follow through, hand discipline and placement, body balance, muscle memory; all the fine distinctions that make an accurate shooter.

During the course of private one on one instruction we will shoot hundreds of shots with my critical eye following each shot. Every student will receive a two month log to keep daily track of shots taken and made.    $300 for 3 sessions

Watch Shooting Clinic Analysis

Group Shooting Clinic

Up to ten players, hour and a half session

Every Saturday at 10:30 I will conduct a comprehensive shooting clinic focusing on proper techniques including hand placement, release point, correct footwork, follow through and developing new muscle memory to replace the old. I take video before instruction and after instruction to highlight the dramatic difference. I will email the documentation so family can use video for permanent reference.  

$50 for one session

$30 for refresher session

Team Shooting Clinic

One and a half  hour session

Comprehensive shooting instruction for your team. We cover all aspects of effective shooting mechanics. I will either use your gym or make Collegiate Academy available.  

FullSizeRender(8)    FullSizeRender(9)

$40 per player

Elementary / Junior High Team Clinics

One and a half hour session

I do clinics for teams of all ages. Curriculum will be shooting, ball-handling and shot creation.

$20 per player for 1.5 hours (10 player minimum)


High School Team Clinics

One and a half hour session

I will conduct a three day seminar for your high school team. Your team will get significantly better at shooting, ball-handling and shot creation over three days of hands on skills training.

$60 per player for three 1.5 hour sessions


I run several camps during the year. Assistant coaches are college and high school players, many of which have come through my program. Heavy emphasis on skills, ball-handling and shot creation.

See Camps page for more information

Cost $125          

Sibling Discount $90

Early Morning BBall

One hour session

Get the full EDGE treatment at your school BEFORE classes start. The EDGE will come to your school and I will bring all the aspects of EDGE training: ball-handling, proper shooting form, and shot creation. Ten one hour sessions for $250 per player.

Ten one hour sessions for $250 per player.

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