Mike’s Going on Vaca Workouts Week of 7/11

Monday at 4 
Tuesday at 4
Wednesday at 4
Thursday at 4
Friday at 4
All workouts at Collegiate Academy.


I am leaving town and will be gone the week of July 4th. I am going to San Fran to watch the Rockies and Giants on July 4th followed by a few days in Sonoma and Monterrey.

We’ll kick it up again on July 11th. See the schedule above for that week’s time. We will be a Collegiate Academy. If you signed up for group this past week just add an additional week so you get your 30 days.

I have a lot going on the rest of July for the Edge. Check it out.


June’s shooting clinic held this week was a spectacular success. Check out my shooters.

7.1 Shooting clinic

I am holding another clinic on Wednesday, July 13th from 12:30-3 at Summit Ridge Middle School. Cost is $75 for the two and a half hour clinic. During the clinic, kids will learn all the right components that go into becoming a good shooter and they will get up HUNDREDS of shots shooting with their new, improved, repeatable mechanics.

Now is the time to hone the shot. Tryouts are looming. The vast majority of kids have no clue how to shoot. After my shooting clinic, not only will you have telltale clues, you have will be well on your way to solve the mysteries of making. Never knew a shooter who sat the bench.

I will video each kid with their old, bad shot and at the end of the session, armed with a new, good shot, I will video again for posterity and send you the before and after. You know those before and after pics of someone who has lost a ton of weight? My videos are more revealing and awe-inspiring and you don’t have to wear a bathing suit unless, of course, you want to.

Contact me and reserve a spot now. They go fast.


The last camp of the summer I do is my well-regarded Pre-tryout camp which is designed to get you ready for fall tryouts which are just around the corner.

Camp is the week of July 25th from 10-12 at Summit Ridge Middle School.

All ages are welcome. Cost is $125 for camp. For another $25 you get July group for FREE. That’s THREE weeks of group, my fine feathered friends.

Kids who train hard just before tryouts have a far greater chance of making the team they want this year. The worst feeling in the world for a kid or parents is being left behind or left out. Get LEFT IN by attending my camp.

As with all with all my camps I will have qualified, patient coaches to steer you through. A good time will be had by ALL!

Edge kids have a huge advantage over untrained kids when competing for spots on a team. Why? They can handle the ball with confidence, can shoot a proper layup and can MAKE BUCKETS! That’s why!


There is no off-season in basketball.The quickest way to move up the skill ladder is to gain scoring skills. I teach fifty ways to score the ball. You’ll learn more moves than a tango instructor. Private training is great because you can learn at your own speed and really master the skills I teach.

I have five and ten session packages. You can hook up with a friend and share the costs in my Buddy System.


 I am doing PGU for young kids–5th and 6th and older kids–7th,8th and 9th–during July. PGU is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to increase their basketball IQ and get tangible skills that will relate to real time implementation on the court.

Recognizing situations on the floor and then being able to deliver the pass on time is the essence of the game.

PGU is for ANY size kid: big, small or in-between. Graduate from PGU with skills that set you apart from your peers.

I have three openings in each age group.


As I said we kick off group again (still on for today at 4) on July 11th. Groups have been really fun and competitive lately with a mix of old and new kids in attendance.

Here is a pic of some siblings who graced the court this week: from left Spence and Blake Ohlson, Marin and Lili Atalya, and Isaiah and Brian Flores. Like everything else, the Edge got dibs on sibs.

7.1 Siblings

Players who put the time in during the summer reap the benefits during the fall and winter seasons. When you’re in the gym when it’s 95 degrees outside, you’ve got the drop on other kids.

Here is another pic of the crowd one day.

7.19 Group


people-final-choice (2)


moconnel bio pic

I just dropped my first novel PEOPLES CHOICE which you can find on Amazon. It is a comic mystery set in the fictional town of Peoples Arizona. PC has a baffling whodunit; big, laugh out loud laughs, barmy, eccentric characters and an intrepid, albeit reluctant and somewhat out of his depth hero, Jud Barber, a callow highway patrolman whose life gets real complicated in his sleepy burg.
Warning: it is not for kids. It contains adult themes and colorful language.
If you are a reader who enjoys a compelling, breathless yarn or just wants to get some insight into what makes Mike tick (good luck with that), treat yourself to a copy of PEOPLES CHOICE and you will not regret it. 
If you think Mike (I’ve found myself referring to myself in the third person lately–I don’t consider myself a big deal–not yet anyway) is pretty funny in his newsletters and demonstrates playful, side-splitting banter in the gym, you are in for a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL of wit and keen insight in Mike’s debut novel (FULL DISCLOSURE I have penned twenty-five screenplays–I am hardly a neophyte). Mike can turn a peerless phrase at the drop of a hat not that I’ve dropped any lately, hats not phrases. The phrases flow like the Amazon River.
Enough badinage: hark to Amazon (the wholesaler not the river) and one click will change your outlook on life. Mike needs your affirmation to say nothing of your $4.99.

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