Broncos are exciting….. Edge workouts wk of 12-5

Monday at 5
Tuesday at 5
Wednesday at 5
Thursday at 5
No group on Friday 
Saturday at 12 preceded by SHOOTING CLINIC at 10:30 at Collegiate Academy
Note that on Friday there is no group



 This lucky quintet attended yesterday’s shooting clinic and walked away with visions of cash money as in made buckets dancing in their heads. 

Coaches: give some thought to bringing me out to your gym (or bring your team to my gym) and let me provide some expertise that I have gained over the last twenty years. I went to a girls high school basketball game on Saturday and what I saw made me stop in the sand. Only a couple of girls on each team had any idea where the ball was going when they hoisted that Wilson up there. It might have landed on the moon for all they knew.
I haven’t had such heart palpitations since the Eisenhower administration when I stood in line for with the other nervous Nellies for my booster shot. Please don’t let your loved ones go into high school without learning proper shooting form. That’s like letting them leave the home shoe-less.
While I can’t shod you (blacksmithing is not in my wheelhouse) I can prod you toward the right road to putting the bisket in the basket. 
While it is not rocket science, shooting correctly entails certain and necessary steps that must be adhered to lest you end up looking foolish and uneducated. We do NOT want that condition foisted upon our children, do we?
I hardly think so.
Learning how to shoot can be painful and arduous at times but wasn’t sophomore chemistry? We survived that and you’ll survive a retrenchment in your shot and, trust me, unless you become a rocket scientist, you’ll use what I teach later on a darn sight more than you’ll use the chemistry babbling’s of Mr. Pincheon.
Come Saturday and continue the circle of life.




Here are Emily and Brian Doolittle at shooting clinic. Brian does what a Dad does best: rebound for his sharpshooting daughter. Emily busted for eleven points in her debut for Dakota Ridge on Thursday, hitting three of four threes.
I looked around at some box scores and Edge kids are balling up. Kyle Lukasiewicz went for 36 the other night. Nice work! 



people-final-choice (2)


moconnel bio pic

I just dropped my first novel PEOPLES CHOICE which you can find on Amazon. It is a comic mystery set in the fictional town of Peoples Arizona. PC has a baffling whodunit; big, laugh out loud laughs, barmy, eccentric characters and an intrepid, albeit reluctant and somewhat out of his depth hero, Jud Barber, a callow highway patrolman whose life gets real complicated in his sleepy burg.
Warning: it is not for kids. It contains adult themes and colorful language.
If you are a reader who enjoys a compelling, breathless yarn or just wants to get some insight into what makes Mike tick (good luck with that), treat yourself to a copy of PEOPLES CHOICE and you will not regret it. 
If you think Mike (I’ve found myself referring to myself in the third person lately–I don’t consider myself a big deal–not yet anyway) is pretty funny in his newsletters and demonstrates playful, side-splitting banter in the gym, you are in for a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL of wit and keen insight in Mike’s debut novel (FULL DISCLOSURE I have penned twenty-five screenplays–I am hardly a neophyte). Mike can turn a peerless phrase at the drop of a hat not that I’ve dropped any lately, hats not phrases. The phrases flow like the Amazon River.
Enough badinage: hark to Amazon (the wholesaler not the river) and one click will change your outlook on life. Mike needs your affirmation to say nothing of your $4.99.

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