Broncos Did Not Loose Today! Edge workouts wk of 10-17

Monday at 5
Tuesday at 5
Wednesday at 4
Thursday at 5
Friday at 5
Saturday at 12 preceded by SHOOTING CLINIC at 10:30


Teams are forming and will begin to start practicing soon. Let me come out and do a skills clinic for you for FREEEEE!
I’ll come out and show your kids proper layup form and teach some cool moves to beat your comp. Heck, the layups alone will probably win you a few games.


Here is Paige Wright, a fourth grader, who just started private training with me. Paige’s Dad, Rhett, was an All-State player at Wheat Ridge HS and played collegiately.


Paige has some good genes and she is willowy and fast. She’s got a bright future in the game.
I can take a couple of kids for private training. You could also take advantage of my buddy system whereby you grab a friend and share the costs.
As Elmer Fudd used to thay: “Theresth no time like the prethent.”


Check out these three big-time bballers: Emily Doolittle, Kali March, and Karissa Lukasiewicz. Kali and Karissa started in my gym in 4th grade. Kali is a 9th grader at Arapahoe and Karissa is an 8th grader. Kali is one of the top freshmen in the state and Karissa is probably top three 8th graders in the state.


Emily came to my summer camp right before starting 6th grade. This sharpshooter should start at Dakota Ridge as a freshmen and will set some school records before it’s all said and done.
Combined, these three have been in my gym about 1000 times over the years and logic would indicate that they got pretty skilled here. 
I have kids in my gym who are on the path that Em, Kali and Karissa have trod (can I say that?) Be that as it may, these girls are trending upward and are arriving in high school with a bullet.
What do they have that other kids lack? Skill, skill, and more skill. Magicians with the ball, Houdini’s on the break and masters at putting the ball in the basket.
The message? Work hard and your basketball dreams can come true. There’s no shortcuts, though. Reps and countless reps with the ball in hand will get the job done.


My does time fly. I started my business over thirteen years ago and one of my first kids was Hannah Morgenstern who had just finished 9th grade at Highlands Ranch HS.
Hannah was pretty good when I got her and I think I made her better. After all, Hannah landed a D-1 basketball scholarship to the University of San Diego! No one, over the many years I’ve done this, has ever been so eager to learn new moves than Hannah. Her nickname was Button ’cause she’s cute as a button. She ate up the training like a starving artist. Hannah is a great person and has turned into an accomplished young woman.
Well, yesterday, she got married to a cool guy named Drew and Heather and I were fortunately invited to the big day.
Here are a couple of pics at the festivities.
10-16-wedding-trio 10-16-button
Being the Luddite that I am, I don’t look at Facebook much but noticed another of my Edge girls got married yesterday as well, another HRHS girl named Kate McDaniel who was married in Temecula. In her wedding party were three other girls who I used to work with: Katie Shepard, Liza Heap and Lindsay Mallon. Kate is a super young woman and I wish her the best.
Wow, I must be getting old but life goes on says the cliche.
Congrats to Hannah and Kate!!




people-final-choice (2)


moconnel bio pic

I just dropped my first novel PEOPLES CHOICE which you can find on Amazon. It is a comic mystery set in the fictional town of Peoples Arizona. PC has a baffling whodunit; big, laugh out loud laughs, barmy, eccentric characters and an intrepid, albeit reluctant and somewhat out of his depth hero, Jud Barber, a callow highway patrolman whose life gets real complicated in his sleepy burg.
Warning: it is not for kids. It contains adult themes and colorful language.
If you are a reader who enjoys a compelling, breathless yarn or just wants to get some insight into what makes Mike tick (good luck with that), treat yourself to a copy of PEOPLES CHOICE and you will not regret it. 
If you think Mike (I’ve found myself referring to myself in the third person lately–I don’t consider myself a big deal–not yet anyway) is pretty funny in his newsletters and demonstrates playful, side-splitting banter in the gym, you are in for a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL of wit and keen insight in Mike’s debut novel (FULL DISCLOSURE I have penned twenty-five screenplays–I am hardly a neophyte). Mike can turn a peerless phrase at the drop of a hat not that I’ve dropped any lately, hats not phrases. The phrases flow like the Amazon River.
Enough badinage: hark to Amazon (the wholesaler not the river) and one click will change your outlook on life. Mike needs your affirmation to say nothing of your $4.99.

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